EMROZ – Embedded System Solutions is a dynamic and innovative design and development company.

EMROZ is led by Haim Rozenboim, an electronics engineer with 25 years of experience in designing hardware and devices in the medical industry as well as others.

EMROZ specializes in delivering R&D services to startup companies, providing a fast route to an idea's proof of concept (POC).

We provide technological solutions, from the idea stage, through the development of a prototype, the pre-production and the final product delivery.

EMROZ has accumulated vast knowledge and years experience in the development of embedded systems and combining hardware and software.

Our experience and work processes allow for a quick planning stage and a fast production of the desired prototype.

EMROZ functions as an outsourced R&D department, thus enabling our customers to enjoy the advantages of fast, professional and competitive R&D solutions, tailored for the customer's budget and needs.

The experienced engineering teams at EMROZ handle the project from top to bottom, starting with the initial concept, through the design and prototype phases as well as the implementation, all the way to the final product delivery.

EMROZ designs products to meet all international regulations, including those of the FDA, CE, TUV, UL and others.

Our customers prefer to use the R&D services and know-how of EMROZ as a cost-effective alternative to an in-house electronics departments.

We help creative people to realize their patent or vision.

EMROZ turns an idea into a product