Turning An Idea into a Product

My name is Haim Rozenboim, and I'm  EMROZ. CEO

For many years, I've been accompanying start-up companies from their inception to mass production.

Over the years, I ran into start-up companies that emphasize their unique technology, without considering the market. The result, in many cases, is hi-tech products which are unattractive for any of a number of reasons:

  • The device is too expensive
  • The device isn't reliable
  • Hi-tech device which does not fit the market
  • Uncomfortable ergonomics
  • Too late (the competition beat them to the market)
  • Unapproved by the FDA


  • At EMROZ, our clients succeed in getting to the market on time and with the right product.
  • At EMROZ, we have developed unique work processes.
  • At EMROZ, we have accumulated experience in developing many devices
  • At EMROZ, we emphasize simple technology fitting the client's business needs
  • At EMROZ, we are capable of fast response and adjustment of the product to the client's needs.
  • At EMROZ, we are well connected in the global village.
  • At EMROZ, we think about our client's customer.

EMROZ turns an idea into a product